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Submit Sighting Report
Tell us about your moon-sighting undertaking. We are interested in all reports, whether positive or negative, from anywhere in the world.
Click the below link to send us an email with your moon-sighting report. Please provide as much detailed information as possible, including ideally some of the following:
Crescent Moon Observation Report
  1. Exact location: Not only town or city, but more details on where so that we can research the location's details and perspective on the horizon.
  2. Exact time: Of the initial sighting and the exact time when it disappeared again. (If you did not note the exact time, estimate how long it was after sunset.)
  3. Altitude of the moon: Described using an outstretched horizontal hand and number of finger widths above the horizon.
  4. Location of the moon: In relation to where the sun had set. (i.e. to the left, to the right, directly above) Using an outstretched vertical hand and number of finger widths to the right or left of the sunset location. Also known as azimuth, this can also be described by the use of a magnetic compass.
  5. Orientation of the moon: The direction the moon was facing and the size and location of the limbs/tips of the crescent. Can be described as if overlaid on a clock. (i.e. "the tips were at 1 o'clock and 7 o'clock.")
  6. Crescent movement: Did it move over the time of the sighting? Up, down, left, right, etc.
  7. Number of adult witnesses: Sighting without optical aid of course
  8. Phone number: For follow-up questions if necessary (This will not be shared publicly).

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